Enrike 23's returns!

After some time, returned with great information:

Rec Genesis

Director: Paco Plaza ([REC] [REC] ² Along with Jaume Balagueró)
Screenplay: Luis A. Berdejo ([REC]), Paco Plaza
Starring: Diego Martin (The Last of the Just, 3msc)
Leticia Dolera (Imago Mortis, Spanish Movie)
FX Make Up: David Ambit ([REC] [REC] ²)
Director of Photography: Pablo Rosso ([REC] [REC] ²)
Visual Effects: Alex Villagrassa ([REC] [REC] ², Buried)

Images twitter (Paco Plaza):

[REC] Genesis will have the source and root of the facts that turn humans into zombies / infected.

The film will take place in daylight and held at another site far from the building of the first two installments.

Furthermore, it appears that the onset of the infection takes place at a wedding, in which Leticia Dolera and Diego Martin will be the couple ...

Thanks to: "fanaticos de rec" by  the information

So you know .... all information of [Rec] Genesis and Resident Evil 5 is here! in Enrike23

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